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This Web site features a custom-made Flash music player. The player features high quality streaming sound, or low quality sound for slower Internet connections. The music player does not play MP3s. It plays specially made, protected Flash files that are not suitable for saving or trading. You can only hear these songs on the Web site. If you leave the Web site, the player will close automatically once the current track is done or if you try to change tracks. The files used will only work with the Music Player, and will not play at all without it.

The player set to hifi (default), allows the listener to hear each song in near CD quality. If the listener chooses the lo-fi setting on the player, they can hear all tracks at a lower audio quality (for smaller file size).

The music player is very easy to use. Once a certain amount of the song has loaded, you can press the "Play" button to start the song playing even while it is still loading. Click any of the numbered buttons in the player to select another song. When a song is finished, the player will automatically go to the next song. When all songs are done, the player will go back to the first song again.

If you need help with any of the features of the player, click the question mark in the top-left corner of the player to enable tool-tips that will explain each feature as your mouse moves over it. It will also give the name of the song if you mouse over a track button.

If you are on a slower Internet connection, such as dial-up, or some DSL connections, you can select "Lo-Fi". This way, you can download smaller, more compressed music files. For faster connections though, the Hi-Fi versions will have a far superior sound.

The player also uses a cookie to keep it open and playing while you browse. If the player re-starts a song every time you go to a new page, you need to set your browser to accept cookies.

If you have a browser which disables JavaScript popup windows, or have JavaScript disabled, you can open the player here, but in a new browser window.

If you see the music player, but it is not working properly, you may not have the latest version of Flash. Please click the link above to install the latest version.

Enjoy Ray St. Germain's music while you surf the site!

Latest News

Ray St Germain and Family Concert

The St. Germain Family Concert is at the Club Regent Event Center, Sunday April 24th 2016. See ticketmaster for tickets.

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Country Music Hall of Fame

Congratulations Ray St. Germain! (Toronto, ON) June 8, 2010 – Today, the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) announced their 2010 artist inductees into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Honour. In a special induction ceremony on Friday, September 10th in Edmonton, the CCMA will induct the following artists into the Hall of Honour: Donna & Leroy Anderson, Willie P. Bennett, Marie Bottrell, Eddie Eastman, Ray St. Germain, Don Harron, Fred McKenna, Wayne Rostad, Joyce Smith and Hal & Ginger Willis.

"Life Ain't Hard" RAY'S NEW CD

Ray's new Album entitled "Life Ain't Hard" co-produced with son D.J. and daughter Sherry. Available now. Purchase on our website. AWESOME ALBUM "LIFE AIN'T HARD"