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Ray St. Germain's first recording was "She's a Square" released on Toronto's Chateau label in 1958. This is known as Winnipeg's first rock 'n' roll single that climbed to #7 on the CKY Hit Parade chart and was Top 20 in other Canadian markets. That was the beginning of the Legendary Ray St. Germain's recording career. This was followed by many albums showing the versatile styles of Ray St. Germain including original country, gospel and Métis songs about his heritage. After decades of recording, Ray is presenting his newest CD, Life Ain't Hard, featuring a variety of original Country songs.

Well All Make Mistakes Sometimes 2008 –Life Ain't Hard
(GR Records)

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Show Me The Way To Jerusalem 2007 – Show Me the Way to Jerusalem
(GR Records)

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A Family Christmas 2005 – Ray St. Germain Family Christmas
(GR Records)

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My Many Moods 2003 – My Many Moods
(GR Records)

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Previous Recordings

1996 – Ray St. Germain Greatest Hits Vol. 1
1990 – There's No Love Like Our Love 
(L.P. Broadland)
1985 – Thank God, I'm Metis
(L.P. Independent)
1983 – Ray St. Germain Live 
(L.P.Rayne Records)
1980 – Show Me The Way
(Rayne Records)
1980 – Memories, Memories
(Rayne Records)
1979 – The Metis
(Gigi Records-single)
1979 – Sweet Innocence 
(Gigi Records-single)
1978 – Ray St. Germain 
(L.P. Sunshine)
1969 – Time For Livin'
(L.P. Capital)
1968 – Ray St. Germain L.P.
(RCA Canadian Talent)
1958 – She's a Square
(Chateau- Single)
1958 – If You Don't Mean It

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Ray's Book

Ray's Book - Front Cover (click for a larger image)

After a Lifetime

...of singing, entertaining, producing and hosting television shows, Ray decided to share his life experiences. Known as 'Winnipeg's Elvis' at fifteen years old and by sixteen quitting school to join the Hal Lone Pine band; this was just the beginning. His first single record released She's A Square made number seven out of the top ten songs on CKY's Hit Parade. A young Metis boy growing up in St. Vital, he went on to produce songs such as I'm Mighty Proud I'm Metis and The Metis, proclaiming his pride in his culture and heritage.

Ray has opened his personal photo album and heart to readers providing an insight into his career and family. An intimate, behind the scenes look at life in the entertainment industry.

Ray's warm, easy-going and fun loving personality shines through every chapter. 'A picture is worth a thousand words' and this book includes a beautiful color photo gallery to compliment each chapter of his life.

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Latest News

Ray St Germain and Family Concert

The St. Germain Family Concert is at the Club Regent Event Center, Sunday April 24th 2016. See ticketmaster for tickets.

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Country Music Hall of Fame

Congratulations Ray St. Germain! (Toronto, ON) June 8, 2010 – Today, the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) announced their 2010 artist inductees into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Honour. In a special induction ceremony on Friday, September 10th in Edmonton, the CCMA will induct the following artists into the Hall of Honour: Donna & Leroy Anderson, Willie P. Bennett, Marie Bottrell, Eddie Eastman, Ray St. Germain, Don Harron, Fred McKenna, Wayne Rostad, Joyce Smith and Hal & Ginger Willis.

"Life Ain't Hard" RAY'S NEW CD

Ray's new Album entitled "Life Ain't Hard" co-produced with son D.J. and daughter Sherry. Available now. Purchase on our website. AWESOME ALBUM "LIFE AIN'T HARD"